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Share your favorite recipe using oats!

  • Ash
    Love, love oats in many ways..Check out my healthy homemade Granola.. http://foodfashionparty.blogsp...
  • Whilhelmdeneve
    http://familymeals-whil.blogsp...lovely with fish or chicken
  • thisdamecooks
    How about sourdough Oatmeal raisin cookies - sounds weird but so good.
  • Robernytily
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  • Savoryexperiments
    I can't wait to try the oatmeal recipes! Here are my favorite oatmeal cookies- apple sauce to sweeten and maple syrup to frost... http://www.savoryexperiments.c...
  • Chefgagliardi
    These cookies are really good.
  • This Life of Bliss
    Baked oatmeal - like a warm cookie!
  • gbchefs
    I concur with Eatproperly , you just can't beat a good homemeade flapjack. Or how about when you mix it into a crumble topping - especially a mixed fruit crumble (drools). Anywho back to flapjack, we have a Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut recipe that i think you all might like:
  •  Yes. And I find it to be more delicious to bake them than those bought from stores.
  • It's not exactly health food, but I like to use a bit of oat flour in the traditional family Scottish shortbread recipe:  http://slovenianroots.blogspot...
  • Here's a shortcut to make Steel Cut Oats in 15 minutes - using a Pressure Cooker:   http://www.simpleawesomecookin...
  • Ashley Palmer
    I love cooking and baking with OATS... my latest creation was a delicious Blueberry Cheesecake Baked Oatmeal -->
  • Two more recipes for overnight steel cut oats
  • No-Bake Cashew Butter Oatmeal Cookies!   http://www.thesaturdayeveningp...
  • Healthy Breakfast or Snack, No-Bake Fruit Crumble Bars:  http://www.thesaturdayeveningp...
  • Whatfoodimade
    Slow Cooker Cranberry – Orange Oatmeal are really good. And easy!http://whatfoodimade.wordpress... 
  • Try getting oat groats and toast them before cooking them:
  • I JUST posted an oaty-delicious Trail Cookie, perfect for hitting the road, the trail or the travel circuit:
  • Helen's Cooking
    I just LOVE these chocolate chip cookies~ It's much more simple to cook than buying!
  • Christine's Kitchen Chronicles
    I was introduced to these delicate Oatmeal Lace Cookies and was surprised at how addicting they are! http://christineskitchenchroni...
  • How about these delicious oatmeal sandwich cookies
  • cyndilavin
    I always think of "flapjacks" as being the same thing as pancakes!  Thanks for the education and the great recipe!
  • cyndilavin
    I can't even tell you how much I love oats, especially steel cut oatmeal!  Here's how we make it in our rice steamer:http://realfoodfast.blogspot.c...
  • Margaret's Morsels
    These oatmeal muffins use cinnamon in the batter and the topping.  Delish!  http://margaretsmorsels.blogsp...
  • You can beat flapjacks when you want something oaty. definitely one of my favourites.  http://eating-properly.blogspo...