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What's your favorite kind of doughnut?

  • Nalavia
    Since Julyy, when we visited Portland,Or...I have been craving the Maple Bacon Bar from Voodoo I have to say ..that one is my favorite..can't get anything like that here in NJ..that I know of.
  • K Miller
    Doughnut holes :)
  • badassflirt
  • i make baked donuts before- loved them!
  • Denaannmelton
    would love the recipe for the apple fritters made by Mary Lee's doughnuts in Houston TX.
  • These alien donuts are out of this world!http://withinthekitchen.blogsp... 
  • Jessica Roberts
    That's a hard question... There are sooo many flavors I like. I always have to say an old fashioned doughnut or a maple bar are my go to, I would always be happy with that... I have also wanted to try that maple bacon bar from the above comment at Voodoo doughnuts, one day I will make it up there : )
  • Tdclarke
    I can't find the condensed milk pancake recipe
  • FJK
    how about some jelly donuts - (or doughnuts if you prefer) --
  • ceglieincucina
    Cucina sopraffina? Ceglie In CucinaRicette e prelibatezze dalla Puglia e dall'Altosalento Terra d'Arte e di Cultura Gastronomica. Le nostre tradizionali ricette sono state tramandate di generazione in generazione, fino ai giorni nostri; la nostra cucina è una cucina popolare, allergica alla moda e alla fretta, è un'arte e una cultura dalle radici antiche.
  • Love all the donut pictures, wish I were munching on a chocolate frosted cake donut right now!~
  • JP
    Here's my donuts with passion fruit curd and with pistachios and with coconut.
  • I loved the baked upside down blueberry donuts on What's Cookin Italian Style http://pegasuslegend-whatscook... so much I tried them with canned blueberries and posted them at  these are too good so if you make them have some people available to share them with!!
  • Pina colada doughnuts! http://alibquarterlifecrisis.b...
  • I made these Chocolate Covered Cherry Donuts recently and they were delicious. My co-workers all raved over them too!
  • Kate@Diethood
    Mojito Doughnuts 
  • These THREE INGREDIENT NUTELLA DONUTS are a family favorite:
  • Healthy chocolate doughnuts with strawberry glaze!
  • Amy
    Squared Cider Donuts, great for Fall! http://www.acoupleinthekitchen...
  • RavieNomNoms
    Rainbow Sprinkle Doughnuts:
  • Photos and recipe now posted for the baked (not fried!) Slovenian take on beignets called Angel Wings or flanati, here:  http://slovenianroots.blogspot...
  • Dawn
    CocinaSavant back in action!
  • cyndilavin
    I want to learn how to make the amazing Maple and Bacon doughnuts that they serve at Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland ORhttp://realfoodfast.blogspot.c...
  • I just made a baked version of a Slovenian treat called flancati,or angel wings.  Fancifully shaped strips of dough, deep fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Kind of like New Orleans beignets.