• Maggiemar
    This site is too difficult to get to the recipe you want to attack.  Maybe I am doing it wrong but seems a little complicted````/
  • DailyBuzz Food Team
     Hi Jess - we emailed all Featured Publishers on July 16 to notify them of this change. If you did not receive this, contact food@dailybuzz.com and we can re-send and answer your questions. Your Featured Publisher agreement is not impacted by this change.
  • DailyBuzz Food Team
     You can view previous days' Top 9s - hover over the left hand side of the current Top 9 and an arrow will appear to scroll back!
  • DailyBuzz Food Team
     You can view previous days' Top 9s - hover over the left hand side of the current Top 9 and an arrow will appear to scroll back!
  • Fabulous photos; there isn't a recipe I DON'T like on the site!! Right now, the Maple-Bourbon seems appropriate, yum! http://www.zencancook.com/2011...
  • Josepanlyol
    Hi it site is very important for me because the some different make food recipe learn it site for me husband and surprising my husband.
  • Josepanlyol
  • Hi it site is very important for me because the some different make food recipe learn it site for me husband and surprising my husband. 
  • http://www.foodbuzz.com/accoun...
  • Yea a warning would have been nice.....do we have to reapply again??? Maybe i'll go elsewhere...
  • I really dont like the new layout..... Dont know how to even use this thing. And how the heck do you log in if you are a featured food publisher.. or has that been rid of too??
  • Joy
    Really, really need the search function back, please!! :)
  • Palmergary
    Need the ability to see the previous days pages by date included in this new format.
  • I can't see anything either. I would like to try some of these.
  • Cici965
    I'm so disappointed in the new format there is no way to access the previous days as with the format change the pictures aren't even the same. I agree like the photos but prefer the old format much more user friendly !
  • Yeah, I've kind of wondered that myself.  I went through the "Join the Publisher Community" routine again the other day.  Who knows.  And this thing shows me as a guest...
  • Saskia
    An explanation would be great. How does this new format work? Who curates the recipes if we cannot post? The food badges look good (lovely photos) but the script recipe title font is not a great choice for screen viewing. The letter descenders (the bottom of 'y', 'p' etc.) are cut off by the blog title. A san-serif font would be better, in my humble opinion.
  • Me
    I cant even get the recipe up... just a blank page for all of todays yummys
  • it's really strange that a whole top 9 is completely devoted to one blogger...the pics are cool though.
  • Feel a little lost on here! Though i'm sure it's transitional... Like the new look, though not sure how to upload recipes and photo's, plus do we have profile anymore?To those who are interested, I share a lovely blue cheese burger recipe today. Here's the link to my blog - http://feelingfoodblog.blogspo...
  • Cbumpkin39
    where did the search function go?  now i cannot find recipes,
  • Kathy Steger
    The fresh pea pancakes and smoked salmon! Wow
  • Beautiful photos!  Very colorful.  I'll have to check it out.    As for not being able to post recipes, I suppose it always takes at least a few days for people to adapt to a new change. I think it's just a lack of control that is freaking people out a little bit.  We used to be able to work hard and promote our foodbuzz posts and link up with friends and help each other.  Now, it's up to the foodbuzz gods...but at least it's less work.  haha!  Good luck to all.   
  • Gorgeous photos - glad to find a new blogger :-)
  • Oh wowwwww those dishes look amazing!  And I'm loving the photography skills on this one....need to learn good photography, need to learn~:)  I thought I was the only one who was confused about the new format as I'm always behind on everythng!  Glad to know I'm not the only one, hehe.
  • Our understanding is that the Foodbuzz mailbox no longer exists. Total bummer, in our opinion.
  • Bonnie
    Click on the orange rectangle that says "Federated Media Publishing -- FOOD" and it'll take you to Food Buzz.
  • Ebushey2001
     Same can't see anything.
  • Fuffee
    i can't access my mail, any help please?
  • kira vosk
    I agree I am disapointed I can't post my recipes anymore, as being a food buzz publisher I love telling foodies of my new recipes..:(
  • Stephanie Liu
    How come I can't search recipes on foodbuzz anymore? Where did that go??
  • Ahoy
    What did you guys do to this site? Why did you change? Where are all the interesting recipes??
  • DailyBuzz Food Team
    Curry and Comfort thanks for calling that to our attention - we'll get it fixed!
  • Jaida
    Great pics, but overall I'm really disappointed in this new format. No good way to search and we lost all our networking/friend capabilities. Not seeing everyone's daily posts is also a drawback. And the new blog badges are really unappealing/unattractive.
  • SE
    Really miss the ability to search former posts by date.  Liked the old format much better.
  • How can i post on here..and wat happened to foodbuzz?
  • I had to do the same thing.
  • Beautiful photos and very unique recipes. All of them are great, but the Spring Pizza really caught my eye.
  • Gorgeous stuff!
  • I am having some trouble too but I am so glad you spotlighted this blog. I hadn't seen it before :) Happy Friday Honey Tea Whiskey BLT http://www.thatssomichelle.com...
  • Chef Dennis
    such incredible images!!  Thanks for showcasing Zen's work!
  • Zen has some beautiful recipes and pictures too. Well done. :)
  • I had to click on the "x" in the right hand of the blank page to take me to the blog post.  
  • When I click on the pictures to go to the blog post it does not go anywhere... is there an issue?