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  • Cozy Kitchen is too amazing..The dishes are very different and my favorite is buttered leek tartine..
  • Cozy Kitchen really provides several tasty dishes for the users..Amazing variety of dishes..
  •  Classic Buttermilk looks awesome..Every dishes are very nice..Tasty and delicious dishes..
  • Tapenade!
  • KatefromScratch
    I checked it out and it all looks good!   Thanks for the suggestion!   Also, sidenote to whomever is in charge-ish here, I would like to ask for a search box.   I have an eggplant that needs a good recipe and I'm too lazy to click through pages of posts that have nothing to do with eggplant.  I'll live either way.   Just thought I'd mention it.
  • Quinoa Salad!
  • Louisa Herrmann
    Do you have any smoked products :   sausages, roast beef, ham, etc.????
  • Louisa Herrmann
    What sausages do you make and sell (any smoked products)?
  • Abby
    A Cozy Kitchen was the first ever cooking blog I ever frequented, and I have checked it daily for 2 years! I love all the simple recipes and combinations of flavors, and I like the new spins on old favorites like "smoked gouda mac n cheese." I love Adrianna's skill using simple ingredients like eggs and bread to make healthy, feel-good comfort food that you don't have to plan much to enjoy. I love you Adrianna and please keep those recipes coming!
  • Noel
    Checking out the vegan white bean chili! I've got a range of chili recipes, but believe you can't have too many!
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  • Kristen Crawford
    The pasta dishes look amazing, along with the soups section.  Looks like A Cozy Kitchen makes some tasty dishes. I will need to keep them in mind the next time I cook dinner.  Kristen