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Watermelon is great for cocktails, dessert and savory recipes! What ways do you enjoy summer's favorite fruit?

  • cooking4carnivores
    watermelon strawberry mint popsicles - http://www.cooking4carnivores....
  • Kelrodimpy
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  • fergus misquitta
    chunks of watermelon as a cheese or chocolate fondue dip are fab
  • Sherry K
    Melon Man Cocktail--Ice cold watermelon and ginger beer, along with vodka and melon liqueur, make this refreshing drink a delightful summertime cocktail.
  • Watermelon granita, such icy treat doesn't require an ice cream machine. As long as you have a freezer then you can make it! Old recipe but the result is great! http://foodmakesmehappy.blogsp...
  • Watermelon Coolers
  • The Fit Fork
    My recipe for Spicy Sesame Salmon on Seared Watermelon is sooooo good!
  • Wanda
    Grilled peach, strawberry and watermelon salsa!
  • A Mid- Summers Delight Salad:
  • cyndilavin
    Salads featuring watermelon and feta cheese...a great combination!http://realfoodfast.blogspot.c...
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