7-Layer Dip Hot Dog
Fried Guacamole
Coca-Cola Chicken Wings
Quick and Sweet Coleslaw
refreshing raspberry lemonade
Cuban Burger

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What would you bring to a Tailgate?

  • cheekily, tailgating is also a term for hanging around someone at a bar and adding a drink onto their tab!
  • MJ Samuel
    Oh, was there a debate last night?  Let's talk about something less contentious.  Like beans. http://thenewtonienne.blogspot...
  • Apples!!!!!  A perfect apple dessert!   http://pittsburghhotplate.com/...
  • http://katefromscratch.com/201...  Popper dip.   
  • I have 50 of my favorite tailgate recipes here: http://whatsfordinner-momwhats... 
  • The best Chili Dogs Ever!http://www.oureatinghabits.com...
  • Christina Conte
    These are perfect for tailgating and picnics-change the filling to whatever you and your family prefer! http://christinascucina.blogsp...