• Don't forget the blueberry smoothies!! http://mamaloli.com/recipes/dr...
  • Biskit03
    I simply LOVE blueberries. So they never stand a chance to be cooked ...yummy..FRESH ALL THE WAY!!!
  • jen cheung
    I like them baked!
  • Noshing With The Nolands
    I love them both ways!! Bring on the berries!!
  • I just made this last week, Grilled Chicken with Blueberry Basil Salsahttp://www.thesaucygourmet.net...
  • Paul fong
    love to see good &eat it fun to be a chef
  • I just discovered the blueberry-nutmeg connection!  So good!
  • I find that they're tasteless unless they're in season.  Otherwise, they're bitter and blah.
  • We just got back from Washington state, and the blueberries there were AMAZING!  So sweet!
  • Fresh, all the way.
  • eCurry
    fresh! in preserves and syrups.. did I forget to say I love them anyway?
  • I love them both; fresh on cereal and in salads and of course cooked into breads. My favorite lately pairs them with nutmeg; so good. Thanks too for including my popsicles. Pairing them with basil is amazing. The vodka is just a plus. :)
  • Balvinder Ubi
    I like blue berries either fresh or in baking!
  • Balvinder Ubi
    Fresh, Always Fresh!
  • I prefer cooked...I find raw they are tasteless..but in baked good I love them!
  • Agoodserver
    As long as they are New Jersey Blueberries!  I have trouble having any left to freeze, I eat so many of them while i am preparing to freeze them for the winter!!
  • Fresh fresh fresh!  Room temperature, too.  Oh no, I just remembered how a cooked berry will burst in your mouth and cover your palate with all that wonderful juicy blueberry-ness.  Oh dear, now I can't make up my mind...
  • Depends on how sweet they are and the recipe I'm considering (for the cooking) in the process.