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Which culture's flavors do you put in your stuffed peppers?

  • Greek
  • I did a healthy makeover of traditional Slovenian stuffed peppers: ground turkey and kasha (instead of beef/pork and rice) for the filling. Delicious! http://slovenianroots.blogspot...
  • fergus misquitta
    Chunks of green peppers and diced potatoes stir fried are good
  • fergus misquitta
    here in India, the commonest pepper is the green pepper, the other colours are outrageously priced and out of the normal persons reach except fore fancy occasions.I normally stuff them with a nice spicy meat or chicken mince or paneer (cottage cheese mixture) bread crumbs on top and either wok fry shallow or bake them. I prefer to blanch the peppers first. Try itit is YUUUUM 11111
  • The Fit Fork
    This all look delicious! I have a yummy couscous and beef stuff baby bell pepper - the perfect size for appetizers!
  • I love trying all different flavor combinations in my stuffed peppers. My recent stuffed pepper recipes have been Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers and Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers!
  • Cajun Rose
    I grew up in South Louisiana, and didn't even know bell peppers were stuffed with anything besides shrimp until I was an adult! We have a recipe in our family for Shrimp-Stuffed Bell Peppers that goes back at least as far as my grandmother, which means the late 1800's, early 1900's. The filling consists of mostly ground cooked fresh shrimp, seasoned with "the trinity" and just enough bread crumbs and egg to hold it all together. Divine!