Banana S’mores Pancakes
S’mores Ice Cream Cupcakes
Mini S’mores Cheesecakes
Inside-Out S’Mores Brownies
S’more Bars
S’more Frappe

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  • My wife and I found that S'Mores Indoors were easy to make and good any time of year.http://feedyourfussyeater.word...
  • magicallydelicious
    This is my current favorite - and you don't even need a campfire or grill for it. I used the toaster oven :)
  • C Fanning
    These are easy and good not to try...
  • Wanda
    One of our favourite things camping | S'mores Pancakes |
  • caliskven
    Make the recipe from your hart ...
  • Chadimpynal
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  • Katie
    I wish that the S'mores Ice Cream Cupcakes would link to the ORIGINAL source, not just a feature.
  • lustinbrau
    Very nice to food make your self then eat by others and praise your cooked food ..
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  • Jessica Davis
  • Sarah Bates
    Chocolate peppermint s'mores are a family favorite! http://thechefnextdoorblog.blo...
  • White Chocolate S'more Bars - a family favorite!
  • Andrea
    My favorite is my patriotic s'mores... sweet and full of flavor! http://chocolatebottle.wordpre...
  • Melissa Koski
    I just baked some super easy S'mores cookie bars - they came out great!
  • cyndilavin
    Here are homemade graham crackers you can use for your treats!http://realfoodfast.blogspot.c...