• jermaine spencer
    I like both sweet and savory polenta
  • Sock Monkey Eats
    As much as I love corn in its many forms, I can't stand polenta or grits, period.  Sweet, or savory, it doesn't matter. On a different subject, has this new incarnation of the old Foodbuzz become a spam magnet?  Because if it's headed that way, I may as well search Allrecipies or Foodnetwork to get ideas.
  • meiliyitian
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  • Savory!  Just made a great layered polenta with mushrooms and cheese from a vintage Slovenian American cookbook.
  • Betty
    There's no recipe link for the Slap your Mama Cajun Shrimp!  :-(
  • Kind of bummed that the recipe for "Slap Ya Mama" shrimp and polenta dish is missing... Can't get it from the site listed here and when linked to the recipe, says blog is missing. Looks divine!
  • Savory like this savory polenta and ahi tuna..http://withinthekitchen.blogsp...
  • KatefromScratch
    I guess savory.  Not much of a fan though.   
  • savory for sure
  • roastedroot
    Savory polenta is my favorite! And I'm with Ali B - shrimp with polenta and some great cheese is tough to beat!
  • One of my absolute favorite recipes: shrimp and polenta.  http://alibquarterlifecrisis.b...