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Are your favorite pistachio recipes savory or sweet?

  • Casey @ My Fat Heart
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    Just love this article...
  • Ladies Center
    Pistachio is my favorite....
  • both
  • chienalhepo
    dishes like a hot chop and mutton its yummy .....
  • Josendimpy
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  • Sarah
    Pistachio, Mint & Basil Pesto. Stir it into mascarpone then toss with homemade pappardelle for a delicious dinner!
  • sweet! pistachio ice cream, specifically
  • Jenny
    These Trail Mix Chocolate Bites are an easy way to include pistachios!
  • Forgetmenotcelebration
    This is a delicious change of pace from the traditional biscuit strawberry shortcake. The chocolate shavings send it over the top. http://forgetmenotcelebration....