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What do you pair with pretzels?

  • Pinkbeach
    I am so addicted to making pretzels!!! Wait, let me rephrase so addicting to EATING pretzels, therefore I must MAKE them to EAT them!
  • I love strawberry pretzel dessert. I request it every year for my birthday and
  • PreparedDelish
    Chocolate with crispy pretzels; cheese with soft pretzels.
  • Pinkbeach
    White Chocolate! I made this for a get together and they were the biggest hit!
  • Teri Gelseth
    I have a killer cheese ball recipe that i always serve with pretzels. I love crackers but give me my pretzels too!
  • I love simple mustard. See our Homemade Pretzel recipe¬†
  • Beer cheese or spicy mustard!
  • Beer!
  • chocolate and caramel! Pretzel turtles¬†http://kim-thislittlelifeofmin... Super fast, super delicious!
  • DJ McCoy
    Sweet honey mustard or hot sauce!!