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Share your favorite mac & cheese recipe!

  • Red Gold Mac & Cheese with a Twist!!!
  • I use my hot sauce and blue cheese.  Well my wife came up with the recipe, but I stole it fair and square.
  • Rebecca Tarala
    What a coincidence!  I'm hosting a Mac 'n Cheese Party on my blog's Facebook page today!  Check it out!
  • Jai
    Ah this is my favoriteeeeee food, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it! But my classic recipe is:
  • cyndilavin
    I've got a baked penne and cheese version that a lot of our guests like :-)http://realfoodfast.blogspot.c...
  • Cheez-It mac and cheese? I thought I was the only one that loved pairing the two! I usually just use them as dippers to scoop up the mac and cheese into my mouth. So good. 
  • Christine's Kitchen Chronicles
    I'm in the middle of hosting and mac and cheese contest right now on my blog.  Readers can also have a chance to win one of two great mac and cheese cookbooks so check it out!   http://christineskitchenchroni...