The Arnold Palmer
Malta Beer Float
Watermelon Lemon Cooler
Frozen Pineapple Margarita
Coconut lime ice smoothie
Iced Ginger Mint Tea
Salty Lemonade Tequila Cocktails

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  • fergus misquitta
    Muddle a handful of fresh mint leaves, a pinch of finely chopped fresh green chilly, a quarter lemon peel and all, a generous pinch of chaat masala and ice cubes; top with soda and enjoy in a tall glass; strain if you like before adding the soda water. If you are more adventurous a slug of vodka will do the trick
  • Urban Table The Paloma and many others
  • lynda wiggins
    Great healthy smoothie and slushy recipes, great for this summer heat http://healthycraftymommys.blo...
  • Pinkbeach
    How to make the best lemonade especially if you have a lemon tree!!
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  • Watermelon Lime Coolers
  • cyndilavin
    Even though the Derby is long past, how about a Mint Julep?http://realfoodfast.blogspot.c...
  • jorjedavid
    great recipe for you...
  • Man Ridwan
    Mango berry dulce de leche smoothie
  • There's nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than an ice cold glass of fruit tea! http://margaretsmorsels.blogsp...
  • Jenny
    Delicious Starbucks Skinny Frappaccino!
  • Christina Conte
    The Best Lemon Drop Martini You'll Ever Have!
  • Nathan E Sanford
    Smoked Ice, in a Bloody Mary.