Excited to make the Croconut

Dominque Ansel says the August Cronut flavor will be coconut, or the “Croconut.” Ansel rotates his Cronut flavor each month and coconut beat out passion fruit for the August flavor of the month. An...   more»
How-To Recipe: Cronuts
Croissant Donuts

Sausage burgers on a pretzel croissant. Oh, with a fried...

So yeah, it’s been a busy month.  We never even really celebrate Father’s Day for my husband.  Or celebrated his birthday.  This weekend we made up for it with breakfast in bed… Sausage burgers on ...   more»
Jax House

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What do you like more - the Cronut or Pretzel Croissant?

  • DailyBuzz
    Consensus seems to be pretzel croissant so far!
  • gabriela
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  • Reyndimpy
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  • The pretzel one.
  • Nageshwara Boorgula
    Thank you
  • Nageshwara Boorgula
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  • pando
    no wonder america is so fat (even if at number 2)
  • Jacky
    Pretzel croissant!