• kitchn_fixation
    Wasabi is good with everything. Everything. http://mykitchenfixation.com
  • In a game of sushi Russian Roulette.  Three nigiri, one is liberally massaged by wasabi.  Invite friends (maybe not your best ones) to try. 
  • desiree green
    why are you talking about food
  • I make salad dressing with yellow mustard, sweet relish and a spoonful of wasabi...
  • 7th taste
    Try this cold noodle soup accentuated with wasabi!  http://7th-taste.com/2011/05/0...
  • Imparator03
    Up With Wasabi thank you tv izle
  • I once had pork chops with orange-wasabi marmalade sauce, I think it was really interesting. (and tasted very good).