• Arun
    Never tried Mushroom. Looks great http://createawebsite4free.com
  • Hmm, can't seem to post here.  But I will try again! Favorite mushrooms are brown crimini mushrooms, aka baby portobellos!  Have used them in some cool ethnic (Slovenian) dishes, like mushroom soup, risotto, and polenta.
  • I love mushrooms, too. Last year we had a feast of fresh morels gathered in the forest and now I am hooked on them. http://www.kitchenfrau.com/nau...
  • Albwcb
    Cannot find the Tennessee honey corn pudding recipe
  • Elke B
    I am looking for the wing receipe - the hot and spicy one.  Where did it go
  • Lois
    Always looked forward to your site -- until recently changed.  Now I've lost interestLois
  • My favorite mushroom sare chanterelles, mostly because I love picking them in the woods with friends. 
  • I love mushrooms, portabello are my favourite as they're so versatile. I use mine to make a paste for a pork wellingtonhttp://allthatimeating.blogspo... 
  • Chuck Kerber
    Sweet Potatoes.  YUM!  Best recipe ever- seriously.....  http://pittsburghhotplate.com/...
  • I love all kinds of mushrooms. I've been addicted to brown beach mushrooms and white beach mushrooms recently.
  • Mushrooms are wonderful! Pasta and mushrooms are even better! http://esskunst.org/?p=1203
  • Alterkitchen
    Porcini: those are mushrooms!
  • anujrocksful
    I love mushrooms since they are in rich in vitamins. http://thelicagent.in
  • Hedgehogs all the way!
  • PW
    Hate what u have done to the site!
  • I love mushrooms any way I can get them. Sauteed on top of steak, or in quiche like this yummy one. http://oureatinghabits.wordpre...
  • Christina Conte
    I love ANY and ALL mushrooms! One of my favorite ways to use them is in authentic Italian risotto! http://christinascucina.blogsp...