• I've never tried using fresh nutmeg! I'm not even sure what it looks like, lol!
  • Tumbleweed Contessa
    That souffle sounds so unique.  What a clever cook!  My use of Nutmeg has been a little more traditional.  I am going to have to get out of the box like that.  This recipe is one of my nutmeg favorites:  http://www.tumbleweedcontessa....  I like Zeeona's use too.
  • Niko1013
    I don't care for nutmeg at all.  What can I use instead.  I can tell if there is even a pinch in of nutmeg in a recipe.
  • That's a real thing here in Belgium. Here it would be a sin to serve them without.
  • Hot Spiced Apple Cider!   http://pittsburghhotplate.com/...
  • Lori @ Good Food Good Friends
    I love adding freshly grated nutmeg to my alfredo sauce to "warm" it up!
  • I've had fresh nutmeg in a drink in the Caribbean...the painkiller!  I also used nutmeg in this recipe for mini pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting: http://www.2sisters2cities.com...
  • Shsimko
    I only use freshly ground nutmeg.  It's one of my favourite spices.
  • Just a speck of nutmeg is all you need in Julia Child's classic Cheese Souffle http://anuneducatedpalate.com/...
  • cyndilavin
    Yes, to sprinkle on top of my Bourbon Sweet Potatoeshttp://realfoodfast.blogspot.c...
  • I love a spicy apple pie with sour green apples, cream and freshly grated nutmeg. I also use nutmeg sometimes in mashed potato.