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How do you use cumin?

  • L_lake
    I made the Curried Sweet Potato Soup and found it to be delicious.  As not all my family are true "Heat" lovers I added an extra sweet potato, an extra can of coconut milk and more veggy stock.  Still I find the after-burn too much for some family members. I am hoping you can tell me what I can do to tame this wonderful soup .  Lorene
  • thetomatosnob
    My favorite way to use cumin is with meat. Check out these yummy kefta recipes or 
  •    Pumpkin Curry!
  • jackjohnsonlin anyone know this website?
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  • annime fannatic
    I agree with you all. Delicious.
  • In my Kaali Daal. It's not much to look at, but it is so delicious, really simple, and it fills up the house with warm, comforting hugs for your nose.http://meltingpotpie.wordpress...
  • cyndilavin
    http://realfoodfast.blogspot.c...In my stuffed green peppers :-)
  • Kevin monsy
    That begs the question, "Twowrongs don't make a right." How do elites come by certifiedgiavonie anti aging Cream warnings? 
  • I toast pumpkin seeds with cumin and other spices to top my curried squash souphttp://www.allthatimeating.blo...