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How do you use coriander?

  • Anjalisfoodkaleidoscope
    check out my version of gajar ka halwa at
  • Ranch Dressing!
  • In salsa, marinades, dressings
  • Soma (
    Stir Fried Beans and Potatoes with Coriander:
  • Soma(ecurry)
    A perfectly comforting Shrimp Curry with Coriander and Nigella:
  • Hoosiersmoker
    Use it in cakes and as a part of my steak seasoning rub.
  • Christina Conte
    In British Sausage Rolls! Taste like they do in Jolly Ole England! http://christinascucina.blogsp...
  • Kristen
    I have never used coriander but some of these recipes look really yummy! We will have to give one a try. Check out
  • cyndilavin
    Sweet and heat combined in a Peach Salad...with coriander, of course!http://realfoodfast.blogspot.c...