• Marina
    I agree. I used to love the your e-mail. Now, I am so dissappointed!
  • Elaine
    What I prefer is the old format.  I really don't like this new one.
  • My Daily Bread Body and Soul
    How will we know what you are looking for?  Ingredients? specialty dishes?  Is there a calendar list for August?
  • Toniwhitehead55
    Why do people have to fix things that aren't broke?
  • Suk
    yes I prefer
  • Janetcr1
    I prefer mint and other herbs, spices in savory dishes.
  • Deanb60
    What happened to the box where you can type in what you are looking for? I'm lost in navigating around this new site.
  • Hundredoaks Ray
    I AGREE----this new format really sucks
  • what happened to the food buzz archives? I am having a hard time reading the recipe headlines.
  • Both! It has the unique ability to lend itself to sweet or savory
  • bbw
    I really do not like this new format. I always have looked forward to the daily e-mail but sometimes I only glance at the Daily 9. It is hard to read, to follow and is awkward. Doe anyone else feel this way?
  • I like it best with fruit (I make a mean mango-mint smoothie) but my new favourite is strawberries filled with avocado-mint mousse. You have to taste it to believe it.  http://anuneducatedpalate.com/...
  • lin
    please change the font of the name of the recipe in the top 9 list, now it's very hard to see, esp when the picture is small