• fergus misquitta
    mash the figs; (no skins please) mix with grated processed cheese, chilly flakes; spread on squares of melba toast and serve with drinks at a party
  • fergus misquitta
    Split open the fresh figs; stuff the centres with crumbled paneer (cottage cheese); sprinkle a few chiily flakes and sesame seeds, and place under a hot grill till the cheese just melts a bit; excellent small eat at a cocktail party
  • fergus misquitta
    I just love fresh figs with a dollop of full cream yoghurt a few drops of honey and just a wee pinch of salt and pepper. Try it you will be hooked.
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  • The Fit Fork
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  • mellojoi
    I eat my figs plain straight from the tree.
  • There's this traditional Taiwanese treats - dried figs in a small tube. It's shaped like a dried tea leaf, sourish and coated with sugar powder!
  • Nancy Singh
    Figs are delicious.....add a little chocolate and its heaven.
  • I will eat figs any way I can get them, but I especially like them in cocktails! http://frolicndetour.wordpress...
  • cyndilavin
    Fresh figs wrapped in bacon!http://realfoodfast.blogspot.c...