• Love it grilled. Here is my Baked Yogurt & Turmeric Chicken:http://treatntrick.blogspot.sg... 
  • Hi am joinuie I so happy for good recipe get  by this site and make the any types of food problem solve by this site.
  • I like it grilled!! During the summer months i try to cook outside as much as possible!
  • Lea Erus
    I am defiantly grilling my chicken:))))  I have a perfect recipe posted http://leascooking.blogspot.co...  
  • Guest jose alicea
  • mjkitchen
    I am at a complete loss as how to submit my blog recipe to you.  So I'm pasting it here. Hope someone helps me please! http://iliketobakeandcook.blog...
  • Grilled /chicken satay with Asian peanut sauce :)
  • Chicken Pineapple Kabobs!  http://bit.ly/MSXySM
  • Chicken Cacciatore made with grilled chicken!  http://bit.ly/NZ5mSY
  •  OOh that does sound good!
  • Chicken and Chorizo Tartlets! Mini tarts that are perfect to munch on http://allthatimeating.blogspo...
  • Dsyl23
    Try the absolutely delicious Bolivian chicken dish - http://7th-taste.com/2011/09/2...
  • Curried of course.  I wouldn't be "Curry and Comfort" if I didn't say I like my chicken curried first. :)   Then again, I like chicken grilled, fried, braised, stir fried... as long it's tasty and spicy. :) 
  • SpicieFoodie
    It depends on the day, but my first choice is mostly always grilled. Yummy selection! 
  • Grilled!
  • KatefromScratch
    My family likes both equally.  But, for me it all depends on what cut is in front of me and if it's on or off the bone.
  • Marinaded with fresh herbs, a little lemon juice and olive oil then grilled. Serve on a bed of crispy salad yummy :)
  • Grilled of course! Healthy, delicious and easier to make! :-)
  • Love it grilled any which way - especially in the summer!
  • looking for a portuguese bakery ohio or where ever
  • Velvet
    Food Wine Thyme, tried your chicken salad recipe. Well done!  My new favorite !
  • AvaSteger
    I made the Seeet n Salty recipe for my family a few days ago and they lovedIt! Food Wine Thyme has inspired me to cook more healthy things for my family that are simple and delish.
  • I like my chicken grilled, specially in the summer. You can check my grilled chicken recipe  on my blog.http://citronlimette.com/grill...
  • Kurt
    I love the Sweet n Salty Chicken Salad! Great recipe.
  • Sandra
  • Kathy Steger
    It is a great pleasure to see a recipe from my blog in today's Top 9. Thank you so very much. Kathy Steger @ Food Wine Thyme
  • Kathy Steger
    Thank you so much for trying this recipe. It makes me so happy to hear you loved it. 
  • Malakidawg
    I made the sweet n salty chicken salad sandwiches for my today for lunch and they loved it!  Thank you!
  • Here is my favorite Finger Lickin' Chicken recipe  http://ow.ly/cTZ1D
  • Hhspagirl
    Summer Grillin' and Chillin' is definately in MY top 9! congrats, Elizabeth!!
  • Elizabeth Cowie
    What a great surprise waking up today to find my blog post listed in the Top 9!! What an honor- thanks so much!! Elizabeth @ Eating Local in the Lou
  • Alterkitchen
    I prefer my chicken baked. And, speaking of finger licking chicken, I suggest you the sticky lemon chicken. The recipe is here, on my blog http://en.alterkitchen.it/2011...