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Have you baked or served a dessert in a jar?

  • Thank you so much for featuring my Strawberry Shortcake :-)
  • I love these dessert-in-a -jar ideas. I made rhubarb cheesecakes in a jar once to take to a ladies get-together and they were such a hit. Now I have some great new ideas to try again. Thanks
  • Larks Japes
    We made an easy fruit cobbler in a jar to transport to a girlfriend getaway picnic :
  • thank you!! 
  • Skinner Panna Cotta in a jar:
  • My Sophisticted S'mores:
  • Check out my dessert variations in a jar: White Choc Mousse with Poppy Seeds & Coconut Mousse
  • Katmarie
    I am bit confused about the smores in a jar...the only things in the jar are the marshmellows and the chips right?...Person would still have to have the cookie dough and the grams kinda hard to present as a gift as a dessert in a what am I missing here?
  • So far, I've served desert in glasses, without lid, but it is a nice idea to make every portion of the desert individually portable. They would look so nice on a pic-nic!