• Marie Leon
    I think you forgot one amazing thing blood orangetinihttp://www.chefmorgan.com/bloo...
  • Love all these cocktails! Thanks for a great roundup.
  • Chuck Kerber
    Babaganoush!   http://pittsburghhotplate.com/...
  • Chuck Kerber
    Pesto!   http://pittsburghhotplate.com/...
  • Chuck Kerber
     http://pittsburghhotplate.com/...  So yummy!
  • cyndilavin
    http://realfoodfast.blogspot.c...The Venetian spritz!
  • http://blog.photographybylulu....My all time favorite!
  • JenJF
    We have been very much enjoying Palomas this summer (grapefruit soda mixed with a shot of tequila).  If you're feeling fancy, you can rim the glass with salt, but otherwise, just pour, stir, and enjoy! 
  • Soma
    Just posted a totally summer drink, (options with and without alcohol). We have been indulging on this Berry Minty Spritzer: http://www.ecurry.com/blog/dri...
  • I am looking for a nice refreshing simple drink for Tequila. I love margaritas but I have to make a whole batch. I would like something that I could just make one at a time.  Any ideas?
  • mojitos for sure. http://mykitchenfixation.com
  • Pina Colada!
  • In my book, you can't beat these La Palomas - tequila and grapefruit? Yes Please!!! :) http://sugarspiceandbacon.com/...
  • Becky Higgins
    i second Mojitos!
  • Katerina Petrovska
    Bring on the Sangria!
  • I like so many but I think two favorites from this summer have to be the blood orange margarita and a bing cherry sidecar. I do a cocktail post each Friday and summer is so easy...so many amazing fruits that I want to put in a cocktail. 
  • Tonic water, a little Persian pomegranate syrup,  a wedge of lime, ice.   That's it!  Unless, of course, you want to vodka or gin.
  • Mojitos!