Perfect Chili
Anasazi Bean & Potato Chili
buttermilk skillet cornbread

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What's your favorite spin on this classic pairing?

  • Tumbleweed Contessa
    It is just that time of year isn't it?  I love the idea of the bean chili.  Good healthy conductor for all those flavors that I love.  I have a ton of basil.  I am going to have that cornbread with my dinner tonight.  I was just getting ready to post this one when my DailyBuzz came through in the email.  Here is my southwest stew:
  • Denise Romeo
    We put cocoa powder in ours to add depth and enhance the flavor of the chilies. See our recipe at
  • Melissa A Karras
    I love putting a sweet spin on the spicy, hearty chili by pairing it with my Blackberry Cornbread Dinner Muffins: yum!
  • Lori @ Good Food Good Friends
    Just made this Chorizo Chicken Soup yesterday while spending the day watching football!  It's so rich and hearty that it's more of a chili than a soup.
  • My favorite corn bread recipe, I like to pour the chili right on top and eat with a spoon!
  • Krista Morgan
    One ingredient that sets my favorite chili recipe apart from other is, adding salsa! http://www.the-not-so-desperat...
  • My go-to recipe is from my mother-in-law and won a chili contest last year.  The secret ingredient?  Sugar! http://christineskitchenchroni...
  • Thank you for featuring my recipe!! It's SO cold today and seeing this linked up makes me wish I put everything in the slow cooker this morning.
  • Thank you for featuring my recipe!