• Lean meat, kidney beans
  • What a great collection of chilis! Love them all!
  • The Hungry Lovers
    Cubed steak, herbs, tomatoes, and spicy peppers. We've won awards for this recipe: http://thehungrylovers.blogspo...
  • Jim Washburn
    bacon grease, cubed beef, salt, rehydrated chile pulp (anchos, guajillos, pasillas, New Mexico reds, cascabels, etc.), cumin, Mexican oregano, garlic, water
  • So many ingredients, but only a few steps! http://tmblr.co/ZTIlJubt6BYR
  • Ann Baker
    Here is my signature slow cooker steak and bean chili. Just posted on my blog two days ago: http://dinnerisserveddotorg.wo...
  • Margaret's Morsels
    Beans, chilies and a variety of spices including a lot of chili powder. It's the best chili I've ever eaten! http://margaretsmorsels.blogsp...