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How have you used Basil recently?

  • Prijsvraag
    Is it not updating daily anymore with this new design (which is a bit annoying I think)?
  • yum yum yum, looking good! check out White Wine Mussels!
  • Yes!! Classic basil pesto and tomato pesto- http://lacucinaprimadona.blogs...
  • I make a basil dressing to go with a heritage tomato saladhttp://allthatimeating.blogspo... 
  • My go-to all summer is tomato + fresh mozzarella + basil. I do it with olive oil, toss it with pasta, grill it on bread, mix with couscous or pair with grilled potatoes (recipe:
  • Dinner Is Served
    Grilled Pesto Chicken and Tomatoes! http://dinnerisserveddotorg.wo...
  • Ice Cream!! Fresh Strawberry Basil Ice Cream:
  • Placencarespa Com
    THOI TRANG MODE 365 – Xu hướng thời trang trẻ nam nữ, cách chọn trang phục công sở đẹp hợp với vóc dáng, tư vấn lựa chọn thời trang nữ hàng hiệu =>
  • Jax House
    White bean basil spread
  • Basil Banana Smoothie
  •  ripe papaya, cucumber  tomato and basil salad, I  would eat it every day if I could
  • Pesto Chicken Burgers
  • I'll take basil in pretty much any pasta dish or salad.
  • Foodieka
    Drunken Noodles for dinner. Stir fried finely chopped garlic with Thai red chili, noodles, chicken, tomato wedges, and finish it off with fresh basil....Yummy
  • Foodieka
    Basil can turn a regular boring salad into an exciting and aromatic one. I picked five to six basil leaves and tore them into smaller bites. Sprinkle it over my green salad. Dress it up with Nordstorm Ginger Sesame dressing. Wonderfule lunch.
  • Pasta with Fresh Home Made Basil Pesto and Pine Nuts - I have bushes of Basil growing in the yard:
  • I just remade this recipe last week! Pork chop with basil pesto and poached egg - http://foodmakesmehappy.blogsp...
  • Pan Seared Salmon with Garlic Basil Oil
  • Caprese Skewers with Black Pepper Balsamic Reduction
  • Basil Almond Pesto!
  • Baked tilapia with creamy basil pasta http://alibquarterlifecrisis.b...
  • Unfortunately I haven't. Guess I'm going to have to remedy that real soon.
  • I love basil, so it's been an adjustment to discover that Slovenian cooking (my latest passion) relies mostly on marjoram and paprika !
  • Christina Conte
    Summer in a sandwich!! http://christinascucina.blogsp...
  • Christina Conte
    My twist on Caprese: http://christinascucina.blogsp...
  • Tomato Pie, lots of fresh basil, yum! http://oureatinghabits.wordpre...