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What is your favorite Black Bean recipe?

  • Mariaw924
    I love black beans too.The chili sounds especially goo.Great for football season!. http://northindianfood.wordpre...
  • Ashley Presciutti
    This is my fave:
  • Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes
    I used to hate black beans because of a texture issue...but now I think they are yummy!
  • Ruta Nonacs
    Is it weird to sat that my favorite black bean recipes is one for brownies?  Because it's either that or a recipe for black bean and brown rice veggie burgers. Here's the brownie recipe, if anyone's interested:
  • Our family's favorite, hands down, are black bean patties with corn relish and avocado cream sauce! :)
  • Spicy black bean hummus sounds fantastic!
  • Tonya @
    Black Bean Brownie Cupcakes with Yogurt Cheese Frosting!
  • Clint Bagley
    Black beans make an exceptional spicy hummus when you add in green chiles and smoked cumin.
  • I like to do baked black beans in place of traditional sweet baked beans this is my current favorite version with lots of spicy chorizo.
  • Mythreyi Vattikuti
    I love BlackBean Corn Salad or BlackBean Roasted Red Pepper Patty for sandwiches from Costco. I have even mastered to make the patties at home.. 
  • I love the quick and easy vegetarian Black Bean Soup from "Moosewood Cooks at Home"!