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How do you use brown butter?

  • larks & japes
    over pillowy gnudi or vegetables, such as these browned butter brussels sprouts
  • Chuck Kerber
    It's perfect on broccoli!  And good with fresh sage over ravioli!
  • Chuck Kerber
  • Brown butter  pie's the best!
  • Joane1122
    Ive'd been using Brown Butter to make creamy chicken. It makes this simple dish stand out. http://echickendrumstickrecipe...
  • I love making desserts with Brown Butter. In India, it is called Ghee, and is a much healthier form of fat than butter. My latest recipe was these Browned Butter Chocolate Cherry Blondies
  • Marie Leon
    roasted white asparagus with browned butter Amazing!! Loved it
  • Chuck Kerber
    Yummy Pavlova Dessert!
  • scones
  • Jason Shriner
    I have a brown butter and sage cake that is absolutely amazing with German Buttercream:
  • Frankeyser
    This shrimp are as easy to grill up but they will blow your tastes-buds away!
  • KatefromScratch
  • So happpy to see my Browned Butter Pound Cake in the Top 9. Thank you in gigantic bunches!!!!
  • Best use of browned butter is to mix with flour and make a roux!  It's the cornerstone of two of my favorite ethnic cuisines: Cajun and (surprisingly) Slovenian, too!
  • I've never used it intentionally before, but I'm pretty sure I've accidentally browned butter many times!
  • gluten free brown butter sugar cookies http://whatsfordinner-momwhats...