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How do you like to prepare broccoli?

  • I've recently found that broccoli works well with Land O' Lakes Saute Express Italian Herb - http://feedyourfussyeater.word...I sauteed chicken and broccoli with it and then added some noodles. I nice way to disguise broccoli for us fussy eaters.
  • WeLike2Cook
    Broccoli with lime and shallots is our favorite -
  • suhaina aji
    Simple yet yummy Braised Broccoli. Takes just less than 10 minutes.http://www.mysingaporekitchen....
  • Kimby
    I use every bit of it, including the pieces and stems -- steamed, sauteed, roasted, or in soup. Here's my latest example:
  • Alis Whim
    Mushed potatoes with broccoli and yellow trumpet 
  • My favorite Broccoli Cheese Soup!!
  • Christina Conte
    I prefer Italian broccoli which is called rapini, if you've never tried it, you don't know what you're missing... http://christinascucina.blogsp...
  • In a ten minute broccoli pesto with blue cheese and walnutshttp://allthatimeating.blogspo...
  • cyndilavin
    http://realfoodfast.blogspot.c...Classic broccoli quiche
  • Nick Ford
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