• DailyBuzz
    Yes we're a little biased towards California avocados too.
  • DailyBuzz
    Sounds like a great alternative Judith!
  • DailyBuzz
    Nothing wrong with keeping it simple! As long as it's tasty right?
  • DailyBuzz
    So easy and delicious, thanks for sharing!
  • DailyBuzz
    We tweeted a link for an avocado mousse! It does sound like a great ingredient for dessert :)
  • fabelicious
    Where I come from, we eat avocado as dessert, just add in some condensed milk and mash it up!
  • JoAnn Jagroop
    Bacon jam and avocado on toast is my favorite breakfast quicky.
  • Karena
    I like to keep it simple with just garlic (if I'm lazy, garlic powder. otherwise, fresh garlic rubbed on toast) and salt!
  • Dkegs
    Only use California avocados. It always just seems to taste better when it's a California avocado.
  • Judith Fine-Sarchielli
    All organic product: avocado, raw carb powder, coconut cream, vanilla, and coconut milk pureed makes a delicious and healthy pudding for those who are allergic to chocolate. The vanilla doesn't have to be organic. Not sure about the avocados Judith Fine-Sarchielli, The Gluten-Free Topanga Chef.
  • Lieldimpy
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