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Do you prefer avocado in salads or dips?

  • cookng
    We Bloggers have help created the traffic flow and support of FOODBUZZ and now completely change into something else - Can FOOD.Dailybuzz be more clear on continuing our account with Shaved Created Recipes - Friends and Fans - Food Community - Photos ??Is all our HISTORY erased?? FOODBUZZ was excellent to meet other bloggers and user friendly ...this is sad news.Please give us some answers. Thank you.
  • GanasGansas
     Well, I was wrong.  I can't log in. I didn't use my profile very often, but I logged in about 2 weeks ago... Is it something wrong? Should I make a new profile?  And above all, how can I see the recipes?Thanks. 
  • GanasGansas
    Is it possible to get to the recipes? I cannot, even if I logged in.  
  • I hate this new foodbuzz. I have lost ALL my foodie friends (including saved recipe) with NO warning e-mail to me by foodbuzz. I can't even log in to delete all my photos and post! Where did they all go? To my foodie friends, please come connect with me via instead :( :( :(
  • All Thats Left Are The Crumbs
    Just clarifying that the rolled-eyes are directed to Foodbuzz not you.  They have completely changed everything and I am still trying to figure out if I can even access my old account. As you can see there are a lot of disappointed and frustrated people who were loyal posters and visitors.
  • All Thats Left Are The Crumbs
    Welcome to the new Foodbuzz (insert roll-eyes here)
  • I am having the same problem. I'm gonna read FAQ and hope they explain this
  • vslittleworld
    Hi I was missing the and my account, I am unable to login to my account, please launch the previous site, it was very helpful. http://vslittleworld.blogspot....
  • Junkfoodkids
    Is something malfunctioning with the  site?  I am trying to post and check my inbox and it keeps bringing me to this page.
  •  I visit foodbuzz 1st time and i like that well, Now i decide to change my newly site to recipe site too.
  • Daksha Chopra
    Avocados wow i love it.......http://mycookingdiarys.blogspo... 
  • Ivy
    I don't like it either.  Where did our recipes go?
  • I don't get how this new site works... I miss my foodbuzz friends and my recipe box
  • Nillawan
    Agreed. I love and is extremely passionate about food. I hate photography. There is a difference. Foodbuzz was a place where I can express my love of food along with many other like minded people. I don't give a cr@p about aperture, exposure, focal lengths etc...
  • Sanjosefoodblog
    I fail to see how this new layout is useful to me.
  • Christina
    Where did my account go?!!!
  • Guest
    same with me, was directed here for a lamb soup recipe. This is a new site for me, and I'm not impressed. Certainly wouldn't subscribe :-(
  • cece
    This new format is completely unusable. Your subscribers, myself included, have spent many hours saving recipes to our accounts. Not only has that effort vaporized with this new format but there in so way to save recipes under this new format. Why have a landing page that doesn't fave a kind of "home base" functionality?
  • I believe that recipe is located on the healthy tab - about 2 page downs  after you click more recipes
  • B0hemian
    Is there a point to this website?  Why would I come here for food roulette?  I want to look up the recipe that google led me here for.  No search function?  Are you kidding me?!
  • Guest
    Removed the foodbuzz badge off my point anymore since this site is no longer usable nor does it benefit me or my fellow blogger friends! I'm not able to add my recipes on here or buzz my friends posts! Please consider bringing back the old foodbuzz! 
  • Guest
    Was directed here by a google search for a tomato basil quinoa recipe that sounded great from what I could see on google.  However, once I got here's it's on today's Avocao recipes, and there appears to be no way to get to the recipe I came for.  Please add a search function, as suggested by others. No point in coming here otherwise, if today's post is the only utility. 
  • Stephanie Liu
    Bring back the old foodbuzz! There is nothing good about this new format! Just look at the comments!
  • Honeybird
     I really liked the fact that there was a new top 9 everyday, I looked forward to it! Now that there isn't, it just feels and looks not Up-to-date to me...Besides, the shrinking and enlarging of the pictures is really annoying :S
  • Rachael Farmer
    I like it in both, but with some texture. There's a Great British giveaway on monistical today:
  • Syfawcett
    I've spent countless hours going through recipes and saving so many of the ones I was looking forward to shaing with my family. What happened to all of my saved recipes? I would like to have them back. The food pictures you are now showing are pretty but your site is no longer user friendly. Your site used to be one of my favorite sites. Now, however, I am thinking about unsubscribing and finding a new site.
  • Waiting to see if dailybuzz develops into something useful. Without the ability to search the site, it is pretty useless to me. I don't spend any time just looking at pretty pictures on foodgawker or tastespotting. I can't see myself spending time just looking at a few pretty pictures here, either.
  • Roxanna
    Foodbuzz used to be for the everyday person. Not now. I think I am going to go somewhere else where it is not so "sterile". 
  • "Do I Prefer Avocado in Salads or Dips?"....I prefer FoodBuzz.  BOOOOO!
  • Sweets
    I love avocados in dips, salads and in place of mayo.
  • Meme02
    The old Foodbuzz was amazingly accessible, wish it came back!
  • Hollingerness
    I agree, please bring back the old food buzz. I can no longer save new recipes
  • Morelag1
    This new site is horrible! All of my saved recipes are gone! Bring back the old foodbuzz .
  • Georgie
    Bring back FoodBuzz!!!
  • Oneslessthingcatering
    No Barbara, we can't. We can only hope that complaining enough will change things back. Outrageous.
  • Onelessthingcatering
    I was able to find my history with much trial and error but not able to post anymore. I'll give FB a few days to change back and if not will unsubscribe. The whole point was to provide a forum for regular cooks who were sharing; not professional photographers and authors. This is bad bad bad.
  • Mature spring chick
    Are you saying that ALL my posts on my blog goes to this site if I register? I did like only posting certain ones. I do not always blog a recipe....Do you have to be in the top nine for any other registered users to see your blog?
  • Saskia
    Hi there. Where do I register? Do I firstly attempt to log-in with DisqUS (whatever that is). There doesn't appear to be a clear sign-up/login area for dailybuzz. Thank you.
  • Divya
    All the recipes I had saved on my profile are gone. This change is hardly any good. Food buzz was so much more interactive and better.
  • No top 9 on Saturdays?   Hm...  It's the fifth, but I'm still seeing Avocado from the fourth.     Still trying to give this a shot, but I don't really understand what the purpose of the site is.
  • I don't see my newest posts that I have posted last week any more... even though I have clicked a few times of 'read more'. If it's not possible to have Foodbuzz back, at least have the layout and function back...
  •  I miss Foodbuzz too. Don't understand much about this new one...
  • Bring back Foodbuzz! What were you thinking about????
  • Why did you have to change a perfectly good website to a terrible layouted one, where its always about one theme. No search function. All the good things from foodbuzz gone. I liked the diversity in the Top 9. Now I just hate it. I think I am not the only one who says that she's not gonna come back.
  • asdfghjkl
    I reckon is the best
  • Camels Rule the World ;)
    Please whoever runs this site, CHANGE IT!
  • Lisapat720
    Hate this site now! Horrible!!
  • 7th_taste
    I like it as soup.
  • simple math bakery has the recipe - the original post is here
  •  Cannot do any of that anymore. Once you register, your posts go directly to site. I liked the fact that you could post your recipes and share with all your friends on foodbuzz. Not sure what you can do with this site now. I wish they had a tutorial as well.
  • Islandsoccergirl
    Wow, what a change.  I guess only "professional" type photos/posts will be selected as Top 9 now.  I used to think of this site as somewhere everyday bloggers could show their stuff, but not any more. Not everyone can afford the lights, backdrops, props, etc that are required for a professional-type shot so now most of us will not be featured and it will be the same people over and over again.
  • Stacey52
    This is the worst, none of my favorite recipes can be found.  I'll go to another site.  Does anyone happen to have a hard copy of the strawberry zucchini muffins?
  • Georgie
    This CHANGE is not good!!!
  • Geogie
    I agree; we want FoodBuzz back!!!
  • Cometchk
    this is awful, change is not always good!
  • Dips, creamy, glorious dips. 
  • Saeaeadl
  • Barbara Pendleton
    is there a tutorial on the new lay out?  I need help!  I would like to go to my a recipe...can we do that anymore?
  • Deplowman
    You must have missed the change. Its def, NOT a good one! I am right there with you!!!!
  • Annd
    pork roast dinner for the padres 
  • Disappointed
    Wondering the same thing. This seems to be a strictly "no frills" site now. What happened?
  • Grandma2alyssa
    where did the upstate ny tomato pie go?
  • Adamocd
    I prefer Foodbuzz!
  • Thanks for the feature! LOVE all these avocado dishes!
  • Lori
    Where did my recipes and blogs go?
  • Thanks for the feature!  All of these dishes look amazing!
  • Dr.Sameena Prathap
    iam not able to go to my do i do that?
  • Dr.Sameena Prathap
    Send in your entries to my cupcakes recipes event.. http://myeasytocookrecipes.blo...
  • Yeah, That is one of my favorite.http://www.photographycameraho...
  • best salad i've ever had as avocado as the dressing!