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What is your favorite sweet almond recipe?

  • We love to used toasted or smoked almonds in simple Italian meringue almond cookies--brutti ma buoni.  It really intensifies the flavors. 
  • Roazario_gilbert
    what about christmas food recipe
  • Burnt Apple
    I love almonds! I'm just weird and don't like them plain. I just made almond and apple pomegranate muffins. Delicious! Perfect for breakfast...
  • I use ground almonds to replace breadcrumbs in my recipes such as  in this lovely Crunchy Coconut Chicken Strips -
  • AjhkH
    any tundra recipes??
  • cyndilavin
    http://realfoodfast.blogspot.c...Italian cornmeal cookies with almonds
  • Smoked Roasted Almonds, great bar food.
  • Christina Conte
    I love almonds on top of my Spinach Soup! http://christinascucina.blogsp...
  • My greengage and almond ice creamhttp://allthatimeating.blogspo...