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What's your favorite caramel-flavored treat?

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  • Baa Baa Bi
    Love it with Chocolate
  • Prop215edibles
    I've made apple pizzas with burnt caramel gelato, Tuaca liquer caramel sauce and vanilla bean chantilly cream
  • Just last night, I had a caramelized banana split with a rum caramel sauce - I'm not normally a fan of caramel, but it was FANTASTIC!!
  • Eugeneubrey
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  • look so bad buttaste so good caramel apples http://fivefinickyeaters.blogs...
  • Carmelitas!http://diethood.com/2012/09/19... 
  • I just made putizza di noci for the first time. It's  a rich Slavic-Italian holiday yeast bread from Trieste (a variant of potica) with a chocolate-walnut filling that turned out carmelized. Delicious!http://slovenianroots.blogspot... 
  • Thank you for featuring my favorite caramel treat! Caramel Cheesecake Bites!!!
  • ChristinasCucina
    No question, it's STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING, but it's not a pudding (Brits call dessert "pudding") so it's really Sticky Toffee "Dessert" and it's to die for!! http://christinascucina.blogsp...
  • for a splurge, I love a caramel apple pie (a la mode with caramel ice cream, natch)   But for healthy snacks try this healthy caramel apple tea smoothie at http://thefitfork.com/smart-be...